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Meet the Team



Catherine Thomson

Catherine takes calls for all new enquiries, organises, interviews

and sends out the paperwork. 

As well as dealing with the general running of the business.

New / Sales Enquiries – 9.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday

Telephone Catherine: 01708 702 980 / 07779 237 873

Text (inside and outside of office hours): 07779237873

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Customer Services /Receptionist


Emma Deak

Customer Service Assistant

Emma’s Job is the day to day maintenance of the relationship between Clients,

Cleaners and C&D therefore she:

1.Advises Clients if their cleaner is running late, sick or on holiday.

2.Advises Cleaners if their clean has been cancelled or moved.

3.Deals with any complaints from either Client or Cleaner

Customer Services for Existing Clients Enquiries/ Complaints – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Telephone Emma:07570350140

Out of Hours: please send a text message to be dealt with first thing.

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Sharon Flack

Receptionist / Customer Services

Sharon’s Job is to answer the phone for C&D Cleaning Services and patch the calls through to either Catherine or Emma or take a message when they are unavailable.

In addition, Sharon is also inspecting the Cleaners work to ensure that our Clients received the service they expect and also to take note of any complaints from either the Client or Cleaner and then forward the message to Emma.

Receptionist / Customer Services – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Telephone 01708 702980

The Cleaners

All our cleaners are trained in-house and from time to time we send our cleaners on training courses too.  We have policies and procuedures for our Cleaners which they will follow should they have no direct instruction from yourself. 

All our cleaners are felixble and reliable and will adapt to your needs, therefore if you have particuar needs and requirements please inform us when you book  your cleaner and we will ensure they will accommodate.  If you do not mind how the cleaner works then they will defult to the polices and procdures we have put in place.  For more information on our our policies and procedures pleae go to our blog .



Alina Ciupei

Alina joined us on the 7th July 2017, her back ground is event organisation and we are confident she will organise herself exceptional well when it comes to cleaning. She is currently training with a couple of other cleaners and will be available in August.

She is polite, well mannered and friendly, she is willing to learn and accommodate.


Alina Rusu 

Started with C&D Cleaning on the 22nd September 2016 she comes to us with experience and with a glowing reference. She has a lovely personality, very polite with a gentle manner.

She has so far proven herself to be accommodating, honest, reliable and very good cleaner. She has a good standard of English.


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Ana Raducanu

Ana joined C&D Cleaning Services on the 8th December 2015, she is an experienced cleaner who came to us with excellent references.

She is conscientious, reliable and flexible and as proven to be a great asset to our business. She has a quiet nature, but a very polite and friendly person.


Ana is warm, reliable and punctual.  She is very thorough with whatever she is doing. She never says no and is willing to learn.  She works with a smile, it is my family’s pleasure to have her around to help us with chores that we just can not fit in our lives.

Anju Gupta, Emerson Park – November 2016

I'm happy to say that our replacement cleaner is proving to be as good as her predecessor, who'd been with us for 10 years. Ana is punctual & gets on with her work; when any doubt she'll ask us, without disrupting our work. She's always seems happy & cheerful. Thanks

Hornchurch Dental Care – January 2017


Andreea Carare

Andreea joined C&D Cleaning Services on the 20th May 2016, she has come to us with excellent references and experience.  She has a quite nature and is extremely polite, friendly and personable.

She has proven to be hardworking, honest and reliable cleaner who listens to her clients’ needs and accommodates accordingly.


Hi Catherine, Andreea is excellent a real credit to your firm and we are luck to have her.

Clive Harris, Romford 11th November 2016

Andreea, has consistently cleaned our house to a very high standard and takes note of areas we want her to concentrate on.  Making us very happy with her level of work.

Vicky & Alex Mummery, Romford – November 2016


Ecaterina Anthon 

Ecaterina joines us the 12 October, she is extremely approachable and polite. She has come to us with experience and glowing references. 

She gets on well with ourclients and has proven herself to be a hardworking, honest and reliable cleaner. 


Ecaterina has come only twice at my house and so far I am satisfied with her good work.  She is hard worker and flexible to accomplish any of the housework that she is requested to 

Nicholas Anagnostopoulos, Upminster – November 2016


Flomenia Bodocam (Mia)

Has been with C&D Cleaning Services since 7th January 2009 and has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking cleaner.  Mia is a lively, lovely and friendly person.

Qualification (click to view PDF)

Edexcel Certificate in English - Entry 1


Very efficient, the cleaner they send me is gold.

Sue Pepper - Ilford 2014


Gherghita Mihailescu (Gina)

Gina joined us again on the 11th July 2017, she use to work for us about 3 years ago. The last few years she has been working nights as a carer. She is an excellent cleaner, who is very personable, polite and accommodating.



Ghyongyl Capusan Kalmar (June)

Has been with C&D Cleaning Services since 16th June 2011 and has proven to be a reliable, honest and hardworking cleaner. June is a lovely and friendly person.

June's clients think she is marvellous as her cleaning is to an excellent standard which all makes it difficult for us when when we put in a replacement cleaner!!


June has been my cleaner for approximately 1 year now. She is a godsend. I have two small boys plus I work, without her help my house would be chaos. She is so thorough and it really does make coming home on a Wednesday a pleasure. She is constantly polite and my children love her. Her English is excellent so to ask for extra jobs is easy. I basically cannot sing her praises enough. I can only apologise for not writing sooner.

Laura, Romford - September 2012

Catherine, just wanted to say thank you for the great service your agency had provided. You have been accommodating and efficient. June is an asset to the agency she takes care in her work and always cleans to a high standard, she finds extra jobs to do ad it’s always a pleasure to come home on a Thursday.

Regards Vicky Jones August 2014

Qualification (click to view PDF)

Edexcel Certificate in English - Entry 1

Certificate in Adult Literacy - Entry 2


Laura Skeels

Laura joined us 16th March 2017, she has not worked for a few years as she has taken time out to bring up her children.  She is very honest, polite and friendly.

She has completed her training with us, and has covered some clients.  She has proven herself to be professional, reliable and hardworking.  And she has had excellent reviews from the jobs she has covered.


By the way Laura was great today

Clare Hill, Woodford Green – April 2017


Lena Popescu 

Lena joined us on the 9th December 2016 she came to us with excellent references and experience. Lena pays attention, uses her initiative and is a polite and pleasant.

She has proven to be a flexible, hardworking and reliable person who gets on with clients and tends to their wishes.



Luliana Ferlusca 

Luiana started with us on the 29th September, she came with excellent references and recommended by one of our previous cleaners. Prior to coming to England she was working in Italy.

She is very polite, reliable and hardworking. Luiana as proven herself as an extremely good cleaner and all her clients like her and the way she works.


We find Luliana to be a wonderful cleaner. Very friendly, helpgul and knowledgeable. she also loves our two year old daughter. Always on time and very conscientious. Luliana is highlly recommended. 

Brian McDonald, Hornchurch - December 2016


Maria Kalmar

Maria has been with C&D since 1st July 2013, she a very efficient cleaner who does her best for clients all the time.  She uses her initive when she has spare time she will do extra little jobs for you like cleaning the microwave.

She is honest, reliable and accommodating and is a pleasure to be around with her relaxed, happy manner.


Hi Catherine

Excellent as always.

Laura Johnson, Hornchurch - March 2015


Maricica Birla

Started with C&D Cleaning services on the 19th February 2014, she is an excellent cleaner who always goes the extra mile.  She is friendly and polite cleaner.

Maricica is an excellent cleaner who is willing to learn and adapt.  She is hardworking, honest and reliable.  Her English may not  the best but her cleaning most certainly is.


Maricica who has been instructed to clean for me every other week only started last month yet already I can’t wait to come home from work on them Fridays to such a clean, fresh smelling home, so I would like to say such a huge thank you for the excellent service Maricica  has provided so far from her first assignment in my house,  and to say I was more than satisfied was an understatement - I was totally speechless when I got home from work and found the house impeccably clean. I  have extremely high standards with regards to cleanliness in my home, and this sometimes is impossible to maintain whilst being working mum but I can honestly say,  Maricica  listened intently to all my requirements and she ensured they were all adhered to even though Maricica can only speak every little English. Thank You Maricia for your hard work and help in keeping our home beautiful.

Jackie, Elm Park – May 2014

After taking a short break from using C&D’s services I resumed using them again. Once again I was pleased to receive the same professional level of service that I had experienced before. Maricica was a lovely lady and her cleaning was to a very good standard. Even though she spoke very little English we always found a way of getting our messages across to each other and she always wore a smile on her face. Thank you Maricica!

Trina – August 2014

Mihaela Ibinceanu

Mihaela comes recommended from a previous Cleaner of ours who knows her very well and in addition she has a glowing reference from an old employer whom she worked for as a live-in Nanny looking after Client’s disabled Son as well as doing the household chores.   Mihaela is very polite, nice and willing to accommodate.

Mihaela joined us on the 20th July 2016 she is flexible, honest and reliable.   She is very competent and uses her initiative in her work. Her English is alright you just need to speak slowly, however once you show her what you expect from your clean she will do an excellent clean for you.


Hi Catherine, just a little note to let you know that we are both stunned by the high quality clean that Mihaela did for us today. She even dusted under the Piano! Absolutely amazing, we really hope she maintains this standard, it’s fantastic.

Many thanks, San & Rich, Upminster 2nd September 2016

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Monica Lazar 

Monica started at C&D Cleaning Services on 19th November 2015, she  has been working for the last 10  years in Italy as a cleaner.

Monica has had a couple of days training to ensure she is up to speed. She comes recommended from existing cleaners that work for C&D Cleaning.  Monica is an excellent cleaner who is honest, accommodating and hard working.  She has a quiet friendly personality with excellent English.

Monica proven to be a real asset already and is nearly fully booked.


I have had Monica as our cleaner for nearly one year now and she is brilliant. We could not do without her now! She is reliable, trustworthy and very hardworking. She leaves the house in a beautiful state every time and I look forward to coming home after work when I know Monica has been :-)
Yours faithfully

Katherine Railton, Upminster – September 2016


Monica Mirzac

Monica has re-joined C&D Cleaning Services on 7th June 2017, she was last working for us in 2016. She is an excellent Cleaner who is very accommodating, conscientious and trustworthy. As well as being friendly, funny and polite.

For the last year or so she has been bring up her family and childminding.


Nicola Jacobs

Nicola has been with C&D Cleaning Services since 18th January 2011, she is very polite and well mannered person who is extremely efficient at our work.  She takes pride in her cleaners and always works to a high a standard.

Before working for us Nicola was a housewife bring up her children she also has done some volunteering working at a local Play Group when her kids where younger and assisting with PA at her local School.  Nicola is very helpful and likes to get invovled.

We put her into training before she started to work for us to ensure she cleaned and ironed to our standards.


Hi Catherine, just wanted to say how pleased we are with Nicola. She worked so hard today and the house is gleaming. My mum is delighted!! Many thanks for sending her to us.

Tessa Moore South Ockendon January 2015


Olimpiada Polevoi 

Started with C&D Cleaning on the 3rd October 2016, she is a confident young lady with excellent English. She comes to us with plenty of experience and excellent references.

Olimpiada has proven herself to be a flexible, reliable and accommodating cleaner, who gets on with her job and with the clients she works for.



Petruta Mihaliescu

Petruta started working for us on the 17th March 2014, she has a lovely personality, is very kind and caring.  She has proven herself to be hardworking, honest and reliable.


Very polite and hard working. The work is carried out to a very high standard and takes care to do the jobs well.

Miss Hasan based in Ilford, 15 December 2014


Sharmila Bororagodage

Sharmila joined C&D Cleaning Services on 7th July 2017, she comes to us with a vast amount of experience and has been a housekeeper for years. Her references are exceptional.

Sharmila is friendly, polite and willing to work, accommodate and above all is very professional.



Sharna Morgan

Sharna started with C&D Cleaning on the 27th May 2016, she came to us with no experience.  She has been fully trained to our standards in cleaning and ironing and has proven to be person who is willing to learn, listen and accommodate to our clients wishes.

She is very conscientious, and does not like to let anybody down.  She has a lovely personality which is friendly and humorous.  In addition, our clients have found her work to be to a very high standard.


Sharna… Like I said only has praise for her. Iris has said she is always on time, extremely polite, has a very happy nature and very thoughtful and aware of Iris age and deafness and accommodates her accordingly. Sharna will spend time listening to exactly what Iris wants done, which being deaf is really important to her. Sharna will also spend time for quick chats in between working. She is very thorough with her work, seems very well organised and methodical.  Iris is very happy how her house looks.  She also loves the casserole she makes Iris on Mondays says she is a good cook.  Iris has not said a bad word against her and Iris is vocal about her opinions on people.

Thank you and kind regards.

Annette (Iris’ Daughter-in-law) based in Romford  6th October 2016


Silvia Rusu 

Siliva joined us on the 15th August 2016, she has a lovely personality, very polite and professional. She comes to us with excellent references and has done extra studying since she has been in the UK, she has a GCSE in Maths, English and Geography.


Silvia is a reliable cleaner.  Happy, friendly and cleans very well.  Turns up on time and stays the hours she is paid to clean.  If you ask Silvia to clean anything extra or I want a certain item cleaned it is done with pride.  I am extremely happy with the weekly clean I get from Silvia working for C&D Cleaning.

Ruth Sparks, Upminster - December 2016

Simon Faucher

Simon Faucher

Simon started with us on the 19th May 2016, his only experience being looking after his Grandmother, he has been fully trained to our standards in cleaning and ironing and he accommodates his cleans to his clients’ needs and wishes.

He is very friendly and personable and gets on well with his clients he is reliable, honest and uses his intuitive and cleans to a very high standard.


We have only had Simon clean our family home over the last few weeks due to our move to a new house. However, he has done a fantastic job and it is lovely to arrive back to a fresh smelling home. Simon works with enthusiasm and professionalism and puts 110% effort into the job ensuring that the time he has with us is maximised. He has done a fabulous job ensuring that our house, which was disgusting when we moved in, is clean enough to live. We can't thank Simon enough for his efforts and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated cleaner who obviously takes pride in his work.

Helen Norford, Hornchurch September 2016


Susan Brown

Susan has spent the last few years bring up her family. She is very house-proud likes things done properly and is looking forward to getting to work and meeting new people.

Susan is friendly, polite and very approachable.


IMG 0381

Tara Allen

Tara joined us on the 16th May 2015 with no experience.  She has completed the training programme we have in place and has proven to be an extremely competent and hardworking cleaner.  She is flexible, reliable and honest.

Tara is very friendly and approachable as well as being intuitive and willing to accommodate to her clients wishes.


Tara has only been with me for a short while but she has impressed me with her hard working attitude, excellent time keeping and ability to learn how I want my house cleaned.

Angela Jacobs, Hornchurch – September 2016


Voichita Timis (Vicky)

Tara joined us on the 16th May 2015 with no experience.  She has completed the training programme we have in place and has proven to be an extremely competent and hardworking cleaner.  She is flexible, reliable and honest.

Vicky joined C&D Cleaning Services on the 29th June 2017, she is an experienced excellent cleaner with glowing references. She is very polite and friendly, with a willingness to be flexible, hardworking and above professional.


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