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Terms & Conditions

C & D Cleaning Services provides Cleaners/Gardeners/Ironers on a regular or occasional basis for private residences and offices.
The Cleaners, Gardeners and Ironers are selected by C & D Cleaning Services are self employed and of various nationalities; professional Cleaners carefully selected, vetted, and insured.
Cleaning Services - The Client agrees to the following:
To pay C & D Cleaning Services a monthly fee and the Cleaner a minimum of 2 or 3  hours on each visit (depending on location).
To pay C & D Cleaning Services by standing order every month (C & D Cleaning Services reserve the right to increase the fee subject to a minimum of 30 days notice).
To deal directly with C & D Cleaning Services with regard to increasing, decreasing or moving your Cleaners day(s) or hours.  If you need to cancel your Cleaner we do require at least 48 hours notice, if it is less than 24 hours notice then we would need to charge you for the minimum of 3 hours that you would have had.
To supply all the necessary cleaning materials, including fully operational hoover and steam iron (as appropriate).
Workers should not be asked to clean the exterior of buildings or the exterior of windows -only the interior of buildings.
To notify C & D Cleaning Services in writing 30 days before any change of address or bank account
C & D Cleaning Services agrees to the following:
To supply the Client with a Cleaner for the duration of the agreement.
To replace a Cleaner within 48 hours if you Cleaner is off sick.
To replace you Cleaner when your she is on holiday (although we cannot guarantee you will get your usual cleaning day).
If we change your Cleaner we will contact you first.   We never send a stranger into you home without you prior knowledge and consent.
About our Cleaners
A domestic Cleaner is someone who will help you with your daily chores.
Duties include:
  • Hoovering
  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning inside windows
  • Cleaning outside windows (ground floor only)
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Fridges
  • Cookers
  • Floors
  • Washing dishes.
  • General Tiding

The Cleaners are not liable under the following circumstances:

  • The products you supply cause damage to your items.
  • Should you have expensive items that need to be cleaned.  You need to be sure that the products you supply will not damage your items.
  • When they are following your instructions.
  • When items break due to natural wear and tear
  • When an incident occurs out of their control i.e wind knocking over a picture frame.
  • You are responsible for supplying the Cleaner with clear written instructions on the products you use and where you want them to be used.
  • Although our Cleaners will always do their best no matter what you ask of them, we would always advise you to get a specialist in to clean delicate furniture or furnishings.
  • Our Cleaners are liable for damages when they have physically caused the damage i.e dropping a plate, iron burn on clothes, spilling fluids etc.
  • They should not be asked to move heavy furnishings; wash dishes that have been left for days; clean chandeliers and very high tops; dispose of personal hygiene or similar items or clean outside the building.
  • Our Cleaners are self-employed and therefore if they do not work they do not get paid and if we know you do not need them we do pass them other work please see clause 5.2 in regards to payment.
Ironing Services - The Client agrees to the following:
  • For C&D Cleaning Services to collect and deliver Ironing from your home or workplace    there is a minimum order criteria of £15.00 + delivery charge. Call 01708 702 980 or check our website to confirm we offer a delivery collection service in your area.
  • Ironing must be received in a sealed bag, with a contents list.
  • We will not be held responsible for damage to delicate items placed in the same bag as general items.
  • You must be given a separate receipt for delicate items.
  • Any claim for loss or damage must be made to C&D Cleaning Services within 24 hours. No claim entertained unless ironing was received in a sealed bag together with a contents list.
  • In the case of loss or damage C&D Cleaning Services will be responsible only for the 'second hand' value of an item. we will only accept liability to a maximum of £30 per item regardless of the items cost. ( articles of clothing, bedding, curtain and other household and personal goods are subject to reasonable deductions for wear & tear in evaluating the item value).
  • C&D Cleaning Services will not responsible for shrinkage.
  • Large amounts of ironing may require a deposit
  • No cheques accepted for less £15.00 or a charge of 50p will apply
  • All bills to be settled on collection or delivery to your home or workplace. We will not deliver ironing without receiving full payment (unless previously agreed in writing).
  • All payments for goods or services are due on delivery or collection unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • In the event of being unable to deliver on two consecutive occasions, we reserve the right to refuse further delivery calls. We also reserve the right to add additional charges above our standard delivery charges for all further unsuccessful delivery attempts.
  • Commercial accounts are available subject to status and satisfactory credit checks. Accounts are agreed on an individual basis. We do not offer credit terms over 30 days.
  • If we attempt to deliver or collect within an agreed time region and are unable to do so due to lack of payment, nobody home or no answer or if items are not ready to collect. All subsequent delivery or collection attempts will attract a £1.50 minimum charge. It is your responsibility to notify C&D Cleaning Services if you are unable to meet the prearranged time-slot.
  • Standard Delivery Service - Prearranged delivery collection slots
    If we attempt to deliver or collect and are unable to do so due to lack of  payment, no one home, goods not ready for collection etc we will level a charge for each failed event.
    It is your responsibility to notify C&D Cleaning Services if you are unable to meet the prearranged time-slot.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to supply our services should we discover clothing to be unwashed or in a tainted condition. All collection and delivery charges will still apply.
  • Over dried clothing (generally tumble drying to excess) will often mean unsatisfactory ironing results and often entail increased time spent on ironing. Should this be the case we can accept no responsibility for the subsequent quality of the ironing. In this event we reserve the right to apply additional charges for the increased time incurred.
  • Due to high turnover and limited storage space we request all ironing is collected within seven days of completion.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of any clothing not collected within 84 days of ironing completion.


Gardening Services - The Client agrees to the following:
C&D Cleaning Services has a professional gardener who will come to your home and give you a quote for the job you would like done.   All equipment is supplied by the Gardner.
C&D Cleaning Services does not remove the garden rubbish, unless requested to do so by the Client for an additional fee.
We have Employer’s Public Liability Insurance
There is no cover whatsoever if we have not been paid for every visit the Cleaner makes to your home.
Theft of belongings cannot be and is not covered under our insurance.  However, we will do everything in our power to assist you should this event ever occur.
In the case of Theft please refer to your home insurance policy which would cover you.  Please note that if theft does occur and you suspect one of our Cleaners we will assist you and the police in whatever action is necessary as at the end of the day we do not employ people with a criminal record and nor do we keep Cleaners who are caught stealing.  In addition to this if one of our Cleaners is caught stealing we would be more than happy to pay your insurance excess by way of compensation.
All payments to C & D Cleaning Services are paid monthly.
In order to guarantee you the same Cleaner, day and time each and every week (as agreed with you) we do ask that you continue to pay your Cleaner as normal when you are on holiday or absent for any length of time.  Please note this clause is optional, if you do not pay your cleaner whilst you are absent we do not guarantee you will get the same cleaner on your return, but we will provide you with a cleaner as stated in clause 2.1 above.
We have the right to consider the agreement terminated if fees are not received on time.
We also reserve the right to take legal proceedings against you for any outstanding debts owed to C & D Cleaning Services.
If at any time within the first 30 days, from the date of this contract, you are not completely satisfied with our service we provide we will cancel the contract with immediate effect.
After the first 30 days of taking up this contract (from the date this contract was made) you may terminate this agreement by writing to C & D Cleaning Services, 43 Kent Drive, Hornchurch, RM12 6TD giving not less 30 days notice.
We may end this agreement by writing to you giving you not less than 30 days notice, In respect of bad payees we reserve the right to demand repayment of any outstanding debts on the Account (with interest and charges), or require you to close the Account at any time and we may also refuse to provide you with our services.
This agreement is treated as made as soon as we place a Cleaner with you.
C & D Cleaning Services reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions as necessary.
We try to give a complete service at all times, but we are not liable for delay caused by industrial action, mechanical failure, lockouts. Acts of God, weather conditions, obstruction of any public or private road highway or other events beyond our control.
Our office must be notified immediately of your change of name or address.
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