Cleaning Tools

Microfibre Cloths

1. Use

Microfibre Cloths are a very versatile tool and “a must have” in your cleaning box. They are ideal for cleaning, dusting and polishing household surfaces. You can use them just with water or with cleaning products i.e polish, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner etc.

These cloths absorb several times their weight which makes them very good at streak-free cleaning.

2. Cleaning

a) They are easy to clean too, just shake them out when they are filled with dry dust or

b) Machine wash them when they are dirty on a hot wash


  1. It’s a good idea to put your washing machine on a hot wash at least once a week to help break down built up limescale, therefore you can help maintain your washing machine and wash your cloths at the same time.
  2. When washing your cloths do not add softener, bleach or tumble dry with softener sheets.
  3. Do not wash specialist Microfibre cloths i.e. jewellery-cleaning , precious metals