Hoovering your mattress

There are so many dead skin cells, dust mites and mite faeces that collect your mattress. You should hoover your mattress at least once a month, using the nozzle attachment to get rid of these.

Hoover Maintenance

It is a good idea to check your hoover over at least once every couple months in order to keep it in tip top condition.

Before you begin to inspect your hoover make sure it is unplugged!!!

There is only one place that should contain dirt on in your hoover and that is dirt bag or container.  All other collections of material or foreign objects should be removed as soon as possible.

Now follow this checklist:

Upright Hoover

  • Begin at the base of the unit removing any threads or material trapped around the brushbar.
  • If your hoover  allows further access to this area, take it apart as per your User Guide Instructions and check that no material is trapped anywhere in the base of your machine, including any fixed sections of hose in this area.

Any Type of Hoover

  • Remove the flexible hose and check this for blockages or simply shake the hose to see if any items/material fall through.
  • However, a smooth item such as a broom handle can carefully be pushed through the hose to free any stubborn obstructions.
  • In addition, you may then wish to drop a small ball of paper through the hose to ensure it has been successfully cleared.

Bagless Hoover

  • Many bagless hoovers feature a dirt separator (characterised by many small drilled holes) inside of their dirt container. This area should be tapped or brushed to free trapped material, but should not be wetted or washed at any stage.
  • The last areas of your vacuum cleaner needing regular maintenance are the filters..
  • Check your Hoover’s User Guide to find the location of all the filters and use the following steps to help with your cleaning of them:
  • Lift the filter from the hoover and tap it over a bin to remove any loose surface material. Do not use brushes/scrapers as these can damage the filter material.

Many hoover’s have washable HEPA-style filters, built from an efficient, multi-layer material. Check your User Guide for guidance and if the filters are washable, rinse them in pure, lukewarm running water. Allow to naturally dry for at least 24 hours, or until completely dry. No soap or detergent should be used as this too can damage the filter material.