Ironing a shirt

11 easy steps to get that shirt wrinkle free in three minutes

  1. Start with the left sleeve and part of the left shoulder
  2. Then, iron the right sleeve and part of the right shoulder
  3. Then, iron the left front panel
  4. Still on the left side, iron the area around the side seam (side stitch) and the back
  5. Now iron the top part of the back panel
  6. Then iron the back panel
  7. Now iron the right side back panel and the right side stitch area
  8. Now iron the right front panel and around the buttons
  9. Then iron the collar
  10. Fold the collar down and iron again
  11. Now touch up the shoulder area as the last step

Kitchen foil

Place a piece of kitchen foil under your ironing board. This will reflect the heat so you will be ironing both sides of your clothes at the same time. Alternatively, you can purchase a reflective ironing board cover that will do the same trick.


If you are ironing corduroy, steam the material first. It will help to work out the wrinkles.

Teflon covers

When using Teflon coated ironing cover do not have your iron too hot as it may cause your iron stick to the Teflon and damage both your iron and the Teflon surface of your ironing cover.

Our tip to stop suits or work clothes from going shiny when Ironed is as follows:

1.You will need a bowl of cool of water and a tea-towel.

2.Dampen the tea-towel in the bowl of water and wring out well.

3.Place the dampened tea-towel on top of the item you wish to iron and press the iron over the towel.

4.Move the dampened tea-towel to the next section of the item of clothing and press again and continue the process over the whole of the item (NOTE: when the tea-towel has dried out or you not getting any steam from pressing re: dampen the tea-towel and continue).

5.Place your item on a hanger to air