Courtesy Manners at the Workplace

  1. Be neat, clean and conservative
  2. The essence of good manners and etiquette is to be respectful and courteous at all times and with everybody
  3. Treat your customers with respect and courtesy
  4. Always apologize if your intrusion is an interruption of a discussion, someone’s concentration or other activity
  5. Always knock before enter in your customers house, even if you hold their house key(s)
  6. Speak clearly, never shout at your customers
  7. Say, “Please; Thank you; You’re welcome”, as part of your everyday courtesy
  8. Don’t gossip about any of your customers private life
  9. Take responsibility for your mistakes, apologise and go about correcting the mistakes
  10. Apologise if you are clearly in the wrong. If in doubt apologise anyway.
  11. If your customer criticises your work, enquire about what precisely is wrong with it. Consider the comments, discuss them amiably if you disagree always refer it me.
  12. Be tidy when you work.
  13. Arrive at work on time, if you are ever late, inform the office or your customer.