Cleaner's Guidelines

  1. You are expected to do the following chores for your clients:
    1. Hoovering
    2. Dusting
    3. Polishing
    4. Cleaning inside windows
    5. Cleaning outside windows (ground floor only)
    6. Cleaning surfaces
    7. Fridges
    8. Cookers
    9. Floors
    10. Clean cupboards
    11. Washing dishes
    12. Make beds
    13. General tidying up
  2. The C&D Cleaning Services and the Client expects you to:
    1. Be polite, honest, reliable, flexible, hardworking and friendly; listen to their wishes and comply.
    2. Use your initiative, clean their home like it is your own. Look for dust above and below. The client will notice if you rush the job.
    3. Double check the light, gas, water to be switched off at leaving
    4. When you have custody of the keys of your clients property keep them in a safe place out of reach of family members/friends (preferably locked in your office cabinet). Do not write your clients full names when you tag their property keys.
    5. Make sure all windows and doors are locked regardless of whether you opened them before you leave.
  3. You should report all of the following issues to C&D Cleaning and the Client:
    1. If you notice a client’s equipment i.e. a hoover is not working properly let the client and C&D Cleaning Services know. It’s the client’s responsibility to ensure all equipment is working properly but they will not know it is not working if you do not inform them.
    2. Let C&D Cleaning Services and the client know if you notice anyone following you or hanging around your client’s home suspiciously.
    3. Always let C&D Cleaning Services know about any damage to the client’s property or belongs.
    4. If you notice damage to the client’s house that you did not do i.e. a hole in the clients floor always leave a note for the client stating that you noticed damage on your arrival at their home.
  4. You are not expected to:
    1. Stand on a chair to reach high areas.
    2. Clean delicate furniture or furnishings. The client should get a specialist in.
    3. Move heavy furnishings;
    4. Wash dishes that have been left for days;
    5. Clean chandeliers if are very high
    6. Dispose of personal hygiene or similar items; or
    7. Clean outside the building.
    8. Leave any widows or doors open when you leave a client's home, even if they were open when you arrived.
    9. Help yourself to any food or drink in a client's home.
    10. Turn the TV or radio on and change the channel - the client will notice.
    11. Move your client's day without talking to C&D Cleaning Services first.
    12. Open the door to anyone
    13. Answer the telephone
    14. Touch the central heating without permission
    15. Share any information regarding your clients with anyone, such as their name, address, phone numbers, house alarm code etc.
  5. Responsibility of the client
    1. You are not liable under the following circumstances:
      1. The products supplied by the client cause’s damage to the client’s items. If you are ever unsure always take a picture before and after use of the product as well as a photo of the product. If you do not have the appropriate cleaning products then do not clean the item – leave a note for the client explaining. IF YOU ARE EVER UNSURE CALL C&D CLEANING SERVICES.
      2. When you are following your client’s instruction.
      3. When items break due to natural wear and tear.
      4. When an incident occurs out of your control i.e. wind knocking over a picture frame.
    2. The client is responsible for supplying you with clear written instructions on the products you use and where you want them to be used.
  6. Cleaners Responsibility
    1. You are liable for damages when you have physically caused the damage i.e. dropping a plate, iron burn on clothes, spilling fluids etc.