Cleaner’s Procedures

  1. Please note these procedures are a Guide providing you have sufficient time, should you not have sufficient time please advise the Office accordingly.

  2. As a Guide we allow:
    1. 2.5 hour for 2 bedroom house
    2. 3 hours for a 3 bedroom house
    3. 4 hours for a 4 bedroom house (with 2 bathrooms)
    4. 5 hours for a 5 bedroom house (with 3 bathrooms)

  3. Clean from the top down

    When you’re cleaning the entire house, start on the top floor and work your way down to avoid tracking through rooms you have already cleaned.

    Do not ever spray any product directly onto TV, computer monitors and framed art; wipe only with a soft dry cloth.

    Lift all ornaments up and dust them and their shelf.

    Do not vacuum around objects. Move objects so to that you vacuum underneath them. Vacuum every bit of carpet that you can possibly get to, including stairs. Use the hose and attachments to vacuum where carpet meets wall and immovable furniture.

    Do not move heavy furniture.

  4. Think dry, then wet

    When you’re cleaning a room, start with the cleaning jobs that require dry methods (dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming, for instance).

    Then move on to wet methods (using an all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner, mopping, and the like).

    This way, there will be less dirt floating around in the room to cling to wet surfaces

  5. All Rooms

    • Tidy up (if necessary)
    • Empty Bins
    • Remove cob webs
    • Dust all corners (high/low)
    • Dust & polish all horizontal surfaces
    • Dust & polish ornaments and photo frames etc
    • Clean all glass and mirror
    • Wipe and clean doors
    • Vacuum carpets / rugs / wooden / tiled flooring
    • Hoover and Mop Floors (if applicable)

  6. Kitchen
    • Clean oven Hood
    • Clean top / outside of all appliances
    • Clean work tops / sink
    • Clean cabinet doors
    • Clean and polish sink and tap
    • Remove Limescale from taps using Viakal and a small toothbrush) may need several treatments
    • Plus “All Room List” Above

  7. Bathroom(s)
    • Dust/Wipe air conditioning vents
    • Dust/clean baseboards
    • Clean bath and shower
    • Clean sliding glass doors
    • Clean soap dish and toothbrush holder
    • Clean sink
    • Clean toilet behind and underneath as well
    • Remove limescale from taps and showerheads (using viakal and a small toothbrush) may need several treatments
    • Plus “All Room List” above

  8. Extra Jobs

    The Cleaner will do the following jobs if she has time
    • Hoover Couches or Sofas
    • Dust Skirting Boards (if dirty clean them)
    • Picture Rails / Daido Rails
    • Clean Doors and Door Frames
    • Clean Blinds
    • Inside, outside (only on the ground floor) windows

  9. Jobs on Request

    The following jobs can be upon request:
    • Clean inside cabinets
    • Clean inside oven
    • Clean appliances i.e fridge, freezer, microwave
    • Change beds
    • Inside, outside (only on the ground floor) windows
    • Clean carpet stains
    • Clean inside cabinets
    • Clean underneath the beds (that has storage)
    • Tidy up inside wardrobes
    • Clean underneath the beds (that has storage)
    • Laundry i.e hanging out washing or putting wash loads on.
    • Ironing
    • Specialist clean i.e. marble, bathroom nickel accessories (with