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C&D Cleaning Services aim is provide your with a reliable Cleaner(s) that will come and clean your office to the standards you expect.  So when you come into your office after our Cleaner(s) have been the office will smell, look and feel like it has been cleaned and that you know you are working in a clean environment.

You will have the same Cleaner, day and time, weekly or fortnightly and we offer a straight forward price with no hidden charges.


For small offices 

We offer a flexible cleaning service at a great price, from as little as £60 per month for a fortnighly clean.

For larger offices

We would need to visit to quote for the job.

You can have your cleaner weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please call 01708 702 980 for a no obligatons quote / to book your cleaner or email us via our contact page.

Our Cleaners can do all of the following:


  • All cutlery put in dishwasher and dishwasher started
  • Dishwasher emptied and cutlery put away
  • Mop floor
  • Clean coffee machine
  • Bin wiped and emptied
  • Units wiped and sanitized
  • Tables wiped and sanitized
  • Door handles sanitized
  • Clean and sanitize fridges
  • Clean and sanitize microwaves
  • Clean cupboards/drawers inside
  • Launder tea towels


  • Bowls & Urinals wiped and sanitized
  • Sinks and taps wiped and sanitized
  • Mirrors polished
  • Light switches, toilet flush handles, door handles
  • and soap dispensers wiped and sanitized
  • Floors swept and mopped using a high antibacterialcleaner
  • Toilets bowls left with de-scaler overnight
  • Replenish toilet rolls
  • Wipe bins and change liners
  • Dust surfaces/ledges Mop floor
  • Dust surfaces/ledges Mop floor
  • Cubicle walls wiped and sanitized
  • De-scale taps and urinals
  • Clean under toilet bowls and wipe cisterns.
Entrance Hall, Stairways & Receiption
  • or handles wiped & sanitized
  • Chairs wiped and vacuumed
  • Skirting and paintwork (bannisters etc.)wiped
  • Empty and clean bins
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and remove stains where possible
  • Mop hard floored areas.
  • Clean Stair nosing/rubbers
  • Clean coffee machine and water dispensers
  • Load water dispensers with cups
  • Dust light fittings
Office & Meeting Rooms
  • All desks wiped and sanitized.
  • Dirty cutlery collected and loaded into dishwasher
  • Empty and clean bins
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and remove stains where possible
  • Vacuum chairs
  • Dust light fittings
  • Sanitize telephones
  • Lightly dust computer screens.
  • Wipe ledges/electrical trunking and window sills
We will:
  • Take rubbish to relevant disposal points
  • Ensure windows and fire exits will be left closed
  • Ensure areas to be left locked and secure
  • Only allow inducted and authorised staff to enter site
We can arrange to:
  • Order Cleaning Equipment and Materials
  • Clean Windows in and out
  • Clean Cabinets / Office furniture
  • Outside building wash down to include:
  • Soffits and facia
  • External window sills


All cleaning materials and equipment are supplied by the client. Our Cleaners will work the hours that you need.

C&D Cleaning Services will:

1. Take all of your comments seriously
2. Supply you with a competent and efficient cleaner
3. Anticipate your needs
4. Keep you informed of cleaners holidays and sickness at all times
5. Always give you alternative options, i.e. a different cleaner or day
6. Call you to make sure you are receiving the services you expect
7. Provide a professional service
8. Listen to you and hear you
9. Give you sound advice and knowledge

Also, please see our Terms & Conditions.

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